Berlin’s techno legend

Tresor is the biggest and most respected Techno club in Berlin. It’s history began basically together with the creation of the city’s clubbing scene, right after Germany was unified. They started as a record label called Interfish at Ufo, the original center of Berlin house and techno. After its closure, the Tresor crew thought it would be a good idea to establish their own club. Their timing was perfect and they quickly became a popular venue, reconstructing and expanding the place several times over the years. In October 1991, Tresor Records was founded featuring artists such as House of Fix, Jed Mills and Robert Hood. Many great Berlin DJs started their career on Tresor’s record label. An abandoned power plant, the sheer size of the building impresses and its derelict nature makes it reminiscent of a horror movie set: it holds several dancefloors with never-ending pounding music, dark red lit corners, a huge outside area, and of course amazing sound system and acoustics. Inside you will find a very good mixture of different kinds of people that’s formed by nice and friendly ravers who just want to dance the night away. A great place to make some new friends. If it wasn’t for Tresor, Berghain probably wouldn’t even exist, so if you’re passing through the city you definitely have to check out this Techno legend.

Best Clubbing Times: Friday and Saturday night.

Door Policy: Basically the same rules from the other clubs, like Berghain and KaterHolzig, apply here.


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